The man of my dreams – By Cecilia I. Dikibo

We read this on her comment to a question asked by her friend and she spilled this out, we know what the average African woman goes through….



I’ve met the man of my dreams, (But he was dark skinned) he was all that i have imagined him to be except the pigmentation of his skin, and that fact that i allowed him cheat on me….

i actually made it open to him to cheat on me but he shouldn’t lie about it. i gave him the go ahead, i understand that i cannot all yr round be the same fantasy my man wants, so i gave him permission to be who he truly is.. an african man, i refused to get jealous… but i got suspicions..

ONLY!!! when he kept reassuring me that i was enough for him, that i was all that for him and all the beautiful lies i could accommodate. so i got to be the loyal girlfriend, didn’t hang out, club, i started doing the domestics, as though i was his wife ..

INFACT… We started picking baby names, schools, boarding or day school, military of private… starting an empire, a business we would nature and i believed him… i believed in the reality of this dream man that i got lost… i ignored every signs of him being promiscuous, even with my permissions…

until i gathered that when i left after weekends… the ghost of his girlfriend past comes, she’s loyal to him like i was.. and he told us he loved us still… then i started grieving… i grieved because i trusted this man with my emotions, even being unfaithful, i can actually accommodate that.. but he looked me in the eyes and made me feel like the only one…

so yeah, I’ve met the man of my dreams and the man my heart heated for… he’s just a man to me… unapologetically dishonest.


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